Prophetic Perspectives

Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.  2 Chronicles 20:20

May 8, 2021

Word from the Lord God
May 8, 2021  - 11:14pm
Al Johnson

Know this, sayeth the Lord:  Your Independence Day is now My Independence Day (for you).  For it was on that July 4, 1776 that your forefathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, to Me and this nation, United States.

Hear me sayeth the Lord:  On that day, I saw this day and this hour.  On that day, liberty was proclaimed throughout the land.  Now in this time and on that day, I will proclaim a thing.  I will proclaim My Liberty throughout, not only this land, but as a result – the world.

The blood of patriots was spilled to secure your nation, United States at its’ birth, but I The Lord God now say to you that it was the blood of My Son, Jesus the Christ, who spilled His blood to secure your nation now at its’ rebirth.

Some would say: “New and improved”.  I say that it shall be glorious – exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond your thoughts, prayers and dreams.

My remnant has stood the test and remained strong in this time and has released My Hand!
Do not fear.  Pray without ceasing.  Rejoice evermore!

The pains of this rebirth shall be soon remembered no more.  There is great joy and peace in your believing.

Rejoice evermore.
My glory has hit your very shores.
Liberty is proclaimed.
My faithful shall not be put to shame.


Believe and thus speak.
For the enemy is beyond weak.
Celebrate and shout,
For in the manifestation of My Word, I will leave no doubt!

April 11, 2021

Word from the lord - Pastor Al Johnson

Tongues and Interpretation – April 11, 2021 Service
Al & Jackie Johnson

Word in tongues...

For I, The Lord have a question for you?  And that is simply this:  When has your freedom ended and who took it from you?  When did I say that you were not free?  Listen not to the report of the enemy!  It ain’t over until I say it’s over.  Your freedom is intact.  Your freedom was a gift from Me and I will not take it back.  When, how will you surrender your freedom?  I say that it is with your mouth.  Do not let your mouth take you somewhere that you do not want to go.  Your mouth will put you in bondage.  Your mouth will bring you into submission to the slave master.  Put My Word in your heart and in your mouth and your freedom shall remain intact.  For I Am The Lord and only you can answer that question.

Word in tongues...

Though not with your natural eyes can you perceive these things but I already know them.  I have already done them.  Open the eyes of your spirit.  See what I Am doing.  Know what I Am saying.  For My Words and My Plan are exactly the same thing.  If you know My Word, you know My plan.  You need not see it with your eyes.  Look to My Word.  Listen with the ears of your spirit and know what My Spirit is declaring in your midst and in your nation and in this world.  For I Am consistent.  I do not change.  I do not change my mind.  I do not change the plan for you or for anyone.  This is My plan, this is My way.  It shall come to pass.  You will see it with your eyes, but I Am a faith God.  I am pleased by faith; walk ye in it and you will see it.

Word in tongues...

Ha, Ha, Ha…… Praise the Lord…. Ha, Ha, Ha!  I Am still sitting down and I Am still laughing!  I want you to know that I Am also kind.  I Am merciful and I Am patient.  Maybe this will answer your question as to: why… as to how long?  I Am God.  I Am love.  It is not what I have but it is who I Am.  I extend it to the right and to the left… to the righteous and to the unrighteous.  My love covers all and I have been patient and I have been kind.  As I have said before:  I have seen it all but I have also seen enough!  Know ye this day that the Jackal is on the hot seat.  He has been given time and he has been give opportunity.  Oh, ha, ha, but that time has passed.  Now the heat shall be turned up and you will begin to see with your eyes what you already know in your heart.  The things that come to pass in these days… the things that they must report on… you may not have known it in your natural mind but from your spirit there will come: “I knew that.  I knew that… this is right, this is the way. God is moving!”  Ha, ha, ha,  and it will cause you to rejoice.  For it is a season for that which was hidden is being revealed.  Does not My Word say:  nothing hidden that shall not be revealed..?  Am I telling the truth or do I lie?  Do you choose to call me a liar because you do not see it with your eyes or because the fake news has not reported on it?  I always tell the truth.  My Words and My plans they are the same. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…. Glory to God!

March 14, 2021

Word from the lord - Pastor Al Johnson


For I know the plans that I have for you and this nation, saith the Lord.  They are to prosper you and not to harm you; to bring you to an expected end.  The enemy has planned to harm you, to steal, to kill and destroy.  It is my plan that shall prevail.  Do not side with those that chose to surrender or waiver at this time.  This time has brought many things to light.  Things for you to see and events to understand.  I have revealed the broad strokes to my prophets and those that would listen; yet still many cry out and question my intent and my plan as though it was my intent to do evil.  I Am good and my mercy endureth forever – even now- even now with the evil doer.  For many classify evil as this and that – do you not know that to distrust Me, even for a moment, is evil?

Am I not merciful?

My plan is that of mercy.  For many, this season is too long.  Their acts of faith have been that of little short bursts.  Their faith inactive for so long that to trust Me now has been difficult and brought them to the valley of decision.  I have been merciful to them BUT the plan must prevail!  Time to ramp things up.  Time to move quickly.  Time to reap.
For the sake of the righteous, I cannot permit – and neither should you – the shaking of the fist and the defiance of those that would say;  “Your plan is not our business.”  It is my plan that shall prevail.  In My chambers and My court, decisions have already been made and orders handed out.

It is time to fish or cut bait!
It is time to swim and not tread water!
It is time to get in or get out of the way!
It is time to join or die! (wink)

I will not permit the destruction of the righteous with the wicked.  There are far too many “Abrahams” pleading their case with Me for that ever to happen.  I have been merciful – providing the opportunity to repent, opportunity to believe, to trust.  
I have seen all and I have seen ENOUGH!
The hammer has dropped and the wicked, like dominos, must and will fall.  Again, this is not what I wanted, but it is what they have chosen.  It has been My mercy that has held it back, BUT No More!  The plan must prevail and be seen.  Trust the Plan!

Exposure -> Justice -> Justice for All

America!  You must and will survive!
America!  You will thrive!
Church!  You must prevail and not wail!
Church!  You must do the works.  Preach My gospel.  Show My Glory!

It shall come to pass!  It shall come to pass – at last!  Rejoice – Shout – Laugh!I Am sitting in the heavens, laughing at the plans of the wicked!  Those that hear my voice and know My Words must laugh with Me!

January 7, 2021

word from the lord - Pastor al johnson

JANUARY 7, 2021
Awakened @ 3:55 a.m.
Al Johnson

……..I faded from this banqueting table and faded into the sanctuary of the one who sought me out and invited me.  With microphone in hand (having been requested to give the message of 1/6/2021 “Be angry and sin not).  As I faithfully began to do so, I felt my eyes close to the natural and open to the supernatural – the spiritual.  I began to open my mouth and God began to speak!  (there seemed to be a permission granted me to do so)

I am God and I change not!  I am Alpha and Omega.  I see for I have seen ahead.  Nothing has escaped my attention.  I am seated in the heavens and I laugh.  If you knew what I know you would laugh with me.  Oh, they have gathered like vultures over the dead.  Their numbers are that which have blackened the sky.  They have circled and descended upon their prey and just as they prepare to feast – SUDDENLY – the body springs to life!  - NOT DEAD, ONLY SLEEPING.

I laugh HA, HA, HA!

They have gathered together against me and mine anointed.  I ask you – When have I failed? NEVER
How often has he failed? Never forget that.  I will not fail now!  He will not fail now!

My body has awakened to righteousness, a righteous indignation – TO LIFE AGAIN!  

Every warrior needs a war to fight!  This war is to enforce satan’s defeat and to slaughter the vulturesl

For it begins at the house of God.  
Judgement – reaping where and what you have sown.  For these are those that have sown seeds of faith and now is the time of harvest!  A harvest of joy and peace, health, provision, strength and power – 30, 60, 100 fold!
You have sown the incorruptible and now reap the supernatural and the spectacular – signs wonders and miracles – a great harvest.  This has not been held back but is now released by the awakened giant of my body – executing judgement- My harvestors, My Reapors.

There is a great stirring in the remnant of faith…. Those that can see through the eyes of faith.  Those that have conditioned themselves with My Word.  What a stirring!  What exploits for you do know Me!  For I say to My remnant – Can these bones live?! – prophesy!  Be bold and thunder.  Concerning the works of My hands – Make demands.  Life – Live – Do the works of God.  The faith and acts of faith of the remnant shall be contagious; dwarfing the crown jewel of the evil one.  The body (whole) begins to shake and tremble with My power – coming to life and parts that do not shall fall to the earth.  A rumbling in the spirit now displays life in the body!
Speak the truth in love.  Stretch forth thine hand to heal.  Perform signs wonders and miracles.  Demonstrations – Harvest.  Do not await confirmation from the lame stream.  This is breaking Holy Ghost news.  I am your source and I lie not.

The stirring of My Spirit and rumbling/awakening of My body restores and causes much joy and celebration in the hearts of my people!

JUDGEMENT:  What is joy to one is a terror to others. My covenant is an everlasting covenant.  For I said to your father, Abraham:  I will bless you and make of you a great nation.  I will bless those that bless you.  I will curse those that curse you.  A harvest of seed sown… this is everlasting!
Blessing and Cursing:  Blessing for my faithful – My body
Cursing and terror to those that have sown into death, into perversion, into corruption, treachery and treason.  They are reaping the curse of the seed that they have sown.  I did not will for this to be but I set before them, Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing.  They chose death and the curse.  Even now – right now!
Terrors and Fright unimaginable – a driving madness comes upon them.  They shall fall by the sword they have fashioned.  I am the Great Shepherd!  My Word is true.  I fight for my sheep.  I defend the righteous from the ravenous wolves and I will not destroy or allow the destruction of the righteous with the wicked.
Seeds of corruption, treachery and treason producing: 30-60-100 fold of cursing and death.  The thief has been caught and now must return 7 fold.  Satan’s hoard found a herd of swine and now run headlong into the sea.  The curse consumes them and they are no more!

Rejoice for thy light has come and absolute victory is at hand.  Shout with a voice of triumph (triumphant).  Shout with a voice of praise.  I am your God and you are my people.  I am seated in the heavens and I laugh.  Know what I know and laugh with Me!