Mission & Vision

That is the Word of Faith, which we preach....

The Mission

Step Of Faith Ministries Is:
A ministry that is committed to perfecting the saint and reaching the lost
A ministry that, through the preaching of the uncompromised Word of God, will cause believers to be thrust beyond the stagnant waters of infancy and into a maturity walk of faith in Christ.
A ministry that exposes the individual not only to the Word of God, but also the confirming of that Word via signs, wonders, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit.
A ministry where the manifested presence of God teaches Ministers, as well as laity,  to cooperate with the Holy Ghost in fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Vision

Building a Community of Faith that addresses the spiritual, physical and social needs of our church, community and the world assigned and entrusted to us by the Lord.
We will preach, without  compromise, the Word of God through every available means in order to save the lost and perfect the saint.
We will participate in the awakening of our nation and the Church, releasing God's goodness and glory throughout the whole earth.
We will possess the land, build the facilities, and fulfill the calling

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