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Give Generously and Receive a Generous Harvest.

Thank you for your support of Step Of Faith Ministries.  Thanks to your generosity, we are now able to air our services and bible study live online each week.  We are trusting God for our land and building as well as many other plans the Lord has laid on our hearts.  Generosity is an expression of God’s generosity and we will reap as we have sown.  2 Corinthians 9:6-9

Your continued support is encouraging and very much appreciated.

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Thank you for your interest in thefinancial support of Step of Faith Ministries

Your financial support is very much appreciated as we prepare for our next, “Step of Faith!”

Your generosity enables us to continue in the ministry that Jesus, the head of the Church, has entrusted to us. We will continue to teach the word of faith message, minister to the sick and preach the good news to the poor. you gift is greatly appreciated, and an investment in the Kingdom of God and the lives of others.

You may take advantage of our secure online donations or mail your support to: SOFM, 121 Wilderness Drive, Locust Grove, VA 22508

We thank you for your partnership in the gospel and ask you to join us in expecting a multiplied return to you in Jesus name.